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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Filmography Movies List

Year Film Title Movie Character Gross
1970 hercules in new york hercules <$1,000,000
1973 the long goodbye a goon <$1,000,000
1976 stay hungry joe santo <$1,000,000
1977 pumping iron himself <$1,000,000
1979 the villian handsome stranger $9,815,290
1981 conan the barbarian conan $39,510,235
1984 conan the destroyer conan $26,408,200
1984 the terminator csm-101 $36,905,150
1985 red sonja kalidor $6,907,250
1985 commando john matrix $35,073,978
1986 raw deal kaminsky $16,209,700
1987 predator dutch schaefer $59,735,115
1987 the running man ben richards $38,122,015
1988 red heat ivan danko $34,994,050
1988 twins julius benedict $111,936,388
1990 total recall douglas quaid $119,394,839
1990 kindergarten cop john kimble $91,567,545
1991 terminator 2 csm-101 $204,843,345
1993 last action hero jack slater/himself $50,016,394
1994 true lies harry tasker $146,282,411
1994 junior Alexander hesse $36,763,355
1996 eraser john kruger $101,295,562
1996 jingle all the way howard langston $60,592,389
1997 batman and robin mr freeze/victor fries $107,325,195
1999 end of days jerico cane $66,862,068
2000 the 6th day adam gibson $34,543,701

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