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Stay Hungry Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Jeff Bridges (The Mirror Has Two Faces) and Sally Field (Forrest Gump) star in this "richly comic and sparklingly exuberant" (The Wall Street Journal) story of a young man who, in his search for happiness, discovers the wild, offbeat world of bodybuilding...and a cause he can believe in.

 Bridges is Craig Blake, heir to an Alabama steel fortune, who feels like a guest in his own life. Surrounded by wealthy bores and seductrive socialites, Craig attempts an escape from the high life through a business deal with some low-life real estate developers. But when he's asked to buy out the small Olympic Spa gym as a part of that deal, Craig insteads finds himself drawn into a colourful new world he never knew existed. From a perky gymnast who wears her heart on her leotard (Field), to a fiddle-playing, philosophizing Mr. Universe hopeful (Arnold Schwarzenegger in his motion picture debut), the funky, freewheeling spirit of the gymnasium touches Craig in a way he never expected - and plunges him into a hilarius, off-the-wall plot to stop his partners' plans.

 Director Bob Rafelson (Five Easy Pieces) is in top form, working with a surprising and dynamic cast in a film Time Magazine calls "raucous, inventive and enterprising!"

  • Arnold Won a Golden Globe for best newcomer for his role in Stay Hungry.

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