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Arnold Schwarzenegger Television

The Streets of San Fransisco.(1972) Arnold appears in this 1970's TV Show. Plays Joe Schmidt in the episode titled "Dead Lift"

The Dating Game.(1974) Arnold, along with many other now famous people have tried there luck on The Dating Game. I don't know if he won though!

Friday Night Videos. Arnold hosted this pre-MTV video show at least once.

The Late Show. Arnold has been on David Letterman's show numerous times. Both at NBC and now at CBS. With Two Top Ten List done on him.

The Tonight Show Arnold has made many appearances in the tonight show. His last visit was in 1997.

Larry King Live Arnold has been honoured to be interviewed by Larry King. His last interview with Larry was in late 1996(?)

Tales from the Crypt. (1989) Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his directing debut with the Crypt episode #13 "The Switch".

The Jayne Mansfield Story. (1980, Drama) Based on the life of 50's Bombshell Jayne Mansfield. Starring: Lonnie Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lincoln. (1992, Animated{?})The Story of President Lincon. Voices provided by Arnold Schwarzenegger(John G. Nicolay), (Others unknown at this time).

Christmas in Connecticut. (1992, Comedy) A remake of the 1942 classic Christmas in Connecticut. Directed by Arnold Schwarezenegger.

Sinatra: 80 Years My Way. (1995, Drama) The true life story of singing legend Frank Sinatra. Freaturing Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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