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Film Review: Raw Deal

Author: Kevin L. Powers

Being an Ď80s action film there is not much to say about the plot other than a good misunderstood cop goes undercover to bring down a Mafioso character in order to avenge the death of a friendís son and clear his own name.

The thing that made this film such a huge success is that it top lined Arnold Schwarzenegger doing what he does best which is blow things up and beat up a lot of people. This film actually doesnít date as badly as most of his films because a cop has always been the role that Schwarzenegger was born to play and when he ventures away from that thatís when things go down hill.

Itís also fun to see Darren (KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER) McGavin, Steven (LAW & ORDER) Hill, Robert (PROFILER) Davi, and Kathryn Harrold in this early film before they all became big stars in television. What also rises this film above the other Ď80s fair is the cinematography by Alex Thomsom who would later work on such films as CLIFFHANGER, DEMOLITION MAN, ALIEN 3, and LEVIATHAN, to name a few.

RAW DEAL is a film that succeeds because it plays to the strengths of every one involved.

About the Author: An independent filmmaker who writes screenplays and articles mostly in the entertainment fields.

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