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Arnold Schwarzenegger Hercules In New York Review

By John "MovieAddict"

"Hercules In New York" can be put into two perspectives. One, it can be looked at in a serious way. If you do so, you will most likely name this the worst - or one of the worst - movies ever. But if you look at it as a comedy - a really, really weird comedy - you might have fun. Like I did. I can't believe how hard I laughed at the "Grizzly Bear" scene, which magically transforms from an "American brown bear" to a "Grizzly bear" (look at the sign at the zoo, then listen to the radio transmission by the police). This goes to show that the director had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER of what he was doing.

The seen where "Herc" fights the bear is so ridiculous, that you just have to laugh! This film is one of the all-time best "cheap" films, following in the steps of all the others before it.

I was lucky enough to view this on AMC, where they provided the version where Arnold "Strong" Schwarzenegger ISN'T dubbed.

He got the part of Hercules because his agent told the director of the film that Arnold spoke great English. What a laugh, right there!

If you enjoyed such "classic," dare I say, films like "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians," then you'll love "Hercules in New York," which co-stars Arnold Stang as "Pretz" I believe was his name.

Overall, depending on what perspective you view this film in, is what you will get. Advice? Watch it from a comedy perspective.

I don't think I've laughed this hard in years, and I'm serious.

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