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How Arnold Schwarzenegger
Changed Bodybuilding Forever

Hailed as the greatest bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger rewrote the history of muscle training through his philosophy, workout program, nutrition plan and motivational thoughts.  Since the early days, Schwarzenegger saw himself as a champion bodybuilder and through his commitment to a bodybuilding lifestyle he went on to take his physique to a level that only a handful of bodybuilders have ever achieved.

What made Schwarzenegger one of the greatest influences to ever grace the bodybuilding and fitness fraternity? How did a young man from Graz, Austria manage to revolutionize the sport as we know it today?  Here’s a look at some of Schwarzenegger’s principles that shaped modern bodybuilding.

It Takes More Than Lifting To Make It

Schwarzenegger’s most valuable asset as a bodybuilder was not his body but his mind. He demonstrates that it requires more than lifting to build muscle mass. It’s his concentration that helped him achieve incredible intensity. Through his visualization techniques, he was able to harness mental imagery to take his physique to incomparable heights.

In modern day bodybuilding, the ability to mentally coax the muscles is perceived as one of the most important aspects of growing bigger and stronger.

The Importance of Training Hard

Schwarzenegger focused on becoming better than his counterparts at the gym, thus he trained harder than everyone else. His training was such a spectacle that people in the gym would stop and watch. Despite the attention, he kept on training because he already knew how to synchronize his mind and his muscles.

Today, the most celebrated bodybuilder at any given gym is likely the most hardworking.

Choosing the Correct Exercises

Schwarzenegger didn’t just train hard; he did it in a smart way. He believed that getting a big body starts with becoming strong. That translates to focusing more on multi-joint exercises as opposed to concentrating on single joint movements. Multiple-joint exercises include deadlift, squat, power clean and pressing for example. To execute these exercises, a number of muscle groups have to work in harmony.

While it may take some time to comprehend multi-joint exercises, they help increase the bodybuilder’s ability to overload the working muscle. To master these moves, Schwarzenegger challenged himself with heavier weights.

In the current training climate, choosing the right exercise is regarded as the single most essential element of gaining size and strength.

Prioritizing and Working on Weaknesses

If you have big biceps, it goes without saying that you would want to show them off. Consequently, you are most likely going to focus a little bit more on them when you hit the gym. Schwarzenegger did exactly the opposite. At some point during his training, he realized that his calves were not in line with the rest of his physique. Thus, he started wearing shorts from then on and doubled his efforts to grow his calves. Additionally, Schwarzenegger embarked on a regular regimen to train his calves, at times between sets.

Fitness experts lay emphasis on the need to focus on building muscle mass in every part of the body to encourage the overall development of the physique.

It was not by accident that Arnold Schwarzenegger became one of the world’s greatest bodybuilders. His training principles have been used by other bodybuilders after him to achieve overwhelming success. That said, Schwarzenegger will forever hold a special place in the bodybuilding and fitness sorority, as one of the greats!

About the Author

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness and for a person to succeed, both area’s need to go through periods of training and be aligned.  Kevin Hodges is the founder of Crazy Gain and focusing on helping people become healthier, stronger and fitter through diet and hard training.  Staying safe and legal is also key to drive your mind and body to success.

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